Change Agent In Healthcare

Our Change Story

At Karachi Vocational Training Centre we are committed to ensuring that intellectually challenged individuals are not forgotten in the troubled times Pakistan faces.

This organization ably recognizes any learning disabilities that a person might have and caters to them in the training that is offered.

KVTC has 20 skill centers giving vocational training relevant to Pakistan’s industrial environment e.g. block-printing, Tailoring, Machine Embroidery, Carpentry, Candle-making, & ICT. Trainees with the right aptitude also receive training in various basic level office jobs e.g. filing, photo-copying, data entry, & MS-Office related tasks.

Over the past 23 years, the organization has placed 500 trainees on jobs; proving that intellectually challenged people can learn trades, hold jobs, earn livelihoods, and become contributing members of society.

In the year 2013, 50 graduating trainees found jobs, 3 of which were at Unilever Pakistan, 1 at the Sir Syed University Lab, 1 at Attock cement, and over 30 in-house jobs were created through KVTC’s Job Placement Services.

Change We Want to See

KVTC has developed the most comprehensive rehabilitation program for SEN persons, and enables them to overcome their limitations & become better, more competent people who can play a role in society, regardless of their disabilities.

Their services have been identified internationally as the only complete mental rehabilitation program in Pakistan and they wish to continue facilitating intellectually challenged people in order to keep ensuring their gainful employment and to prove their proficiency as a valuable source of labor both in office & field/factory work2.