Lettuce Bee Kids

Change Agent In Education

Our Change Story

We are a self sustaining entity that reintegrates street children back into the society as responsible contributors to the community. This process hinges upon four basic guiding principles of life which are:

  • arts and crafts
  • music
  • relationship with nature
  • respect of elders

The main objective of LBK is to provide these children with a home that not only caters to the simple needs of food, shelter and quality education but also provides them with a self sufficient mechanism of survival and self actualization. This will be achieved through five carefully researched and designed systems. These systems will not only integrate the children into the society but also generate internal revenues, leaving them completely independent of philanthropy and funding.

Change We Want to See

We aim to create human connections that are insuperable by race, culture, creed, religion or politics.”
The program Lettuce Bee artists helps street kids in expressing their artistic skills. The art supplies for one child cost Rs. 350. Lets make art classes a reality for a 100 children by raising the modest amount of Rs. 35,000.