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The applications for I Am The Change (IATC) Impact Award 2020 by Engro Foundation are now open! The deadline to submit completed applications is October 20, 2020 – applications submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Please follow the IATC Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with this year’s award program.

  • IATC Impact Award by Engro Foundation

    IATC 2020 is looking to recognize and reward the unsung heroes who have been working behind the scenes to battle Covid-19 in Pakistan.

    IATC 2020 will have 6 categories of applicants:

    • Public Sector Health Professionals
    • Doctors
    • Health Care Workers
    • Blue Collar Staff at Hospitals
    • Worker at an NGO or Industry tackling Covid19
    • Blue Collar Staff at an NGO or Industry tackling Covid19
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Please upload the completed form along with two pictures showcasing the applicants and organisation's work. The size of each picture should not exceed 3 MB. Please also upload two letters of recommendation for the applicant. In case of any queries kindly reach out to us on the IATC Facebook or Instagram page. Shortlisted applicants for the IATC Impact Award 2020 will be required to submit

   1. Certificate of Registration