Khwendo Kor

Change Agent In Education

Our Change Story

The common man in Pakistan suffers on a daily basis. However, in this umbrella of the common man, there are sections which are much worse off than others. These include the women and children of the country, and in particular those that reside in the geographically far flung areas. Therefore, organizations which work for the betterment of these groups are an undeniably valuable asset to the country.

Khwendo Kor is one such organization. Based in the FATA region, this organization started off because the women in a locality needed a forum to address their issues from. This has developed so that the organization is now a true embodiment of its name which is a Pashto word meaning “sister’s home.” They work towards training and empowering women so that they are better equipped to improve their own lives as well as those of their families.

The Khwendo Kor program focuses on four main sectors namely civil rights, education, health and economic empowerment. The organization ensures that each and every one of their employs instills commitment, accountability, mutual respect and integrity in their work ethic in order to strive towards empowering women in far flung areas.

Change We Want to See

The story of Razia Sultana from Dub-Dawar Khel village helps illustrates the great work Khwendo Kor is doing in her locality as well as around it. In a village where cattle rearing, labor and agriculture are the principle occupations, Razia used to sell traditional Mazri products to contribute to her family income. The business wasn’t working out due to the fact that the idea was very basic and needed support. Khwendo Kor decided to help Razia in her mission by training in the skills necessary for the designing and color scheming of Mazri products. She is now earning more than Rs. 3000 per month and has bought a mobile phone to build up her marketing network.

Razia is just one of the many women that have been empowered by Khwendo Kor. The organization recognizes the desire to succeed and helps foster it by providing opportunities to women that they did not have access to previously. Many women now see it as a sisterhood as it does everything in its power to work towards its vision of “A compassionate society where women live with dignity and self-reliance.