Change Agent In Education

Our Change Story

Institute for Development Studies and Practices Pakistan (IDSP) is an organization which operates open learning spaces which are focused on providing education and training to individuals and communities in an attempt to decrease disparity and increase development all over the country. The organization operates in the far flung areas of the country in order to provide services which help incorporate the youth that has been marginalized as a result of geographical or social differences into the workforce. These young adults receive training and education in IDSP institutions and are thus made capable to seek out mainstream jobs and have access to all the opportunities which are available to the more privileged classes of the country.

Change We Want to See

Mr. Younas Gongnov of the Khuzdar district established the organization SADAF after graduating from IDSP and is now generating income for himself and employment for those of his village. Mr. Sharif Shambezai, after studying from IDSP, helped the residents of Turbat gain compensation from the government for the damages they suffered as a result of the construction of the Mirani dam. These are just a few of the success stories that have come about as a result of IDSP’s initiatives.

Every day, more and more members of the young generation graduate from this institution and are given access to opportunities previously unavailable to them and every day they go on to do great things for the development of the remote areas they hail from. The organization aims to continue this legacy and therefore, IDSP deserves all the funds they can get so they can continue in this mission and help the deserving but marginalized majority of Pakistani youth.