Change Agent In Healthcare

Our Change Story

ChildLife Foundation has been providing free quality health care to destitute children of Pakistan since 2011.

The CLF network consists of primary health clinics, emergency rooms, and a preventive health program. Currently, there are 5 operating clinics, with 6 more underway for early 2015. These clinics are built in the various slums or Karachi where good healthcare used to be inaccessible and unaffordable. CLF also operates the children’s emergency rooms in Civil Hospital, Karachi and National Institute of Child Health (NICH), which has the largest children’s ER in Pakistan.

Change We Want to See

ChildLife aims to continue its mission and attempt to provide quality healthcare free of cost to more and more children each year.

The cost of treating one patient coming into the ChildLife ER is Rs. 500. Help us raise Rs. 100,000 so we can sponsor the treatment of 200 children coming into the ER.