Change Agent In Healthcare

Our Change Story

Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation was initiated back in 2003 with the aim to provide advanced personalized thalassemia care, AMTF has become a pioneer and is proud to have Pakistan’s first ever state of the art, Thalassemia Intensive Care Unit with all required sub –specialties clinics, medical and diagnostics services for the patients suffering from thalassemia. At AMTF, patients are treated free of cost as their motto is “Our patients are our guests”. They receive donations from around the country. In 2003, AMTF was established in a two-room clinic and had 15 registered patients. Currently, they operate with over 1400 registered patients. AMTC was one of our three recepients of the grant for IATC Awards 2016.

Change we wish to see

AMTF is dedicated to the patients needs and they act as the actual driving force. Highly motivated professional medical and para medical staff powers their dedicated facility. To keep up with Modern Medical Science Developments, they have equipped their facilities with the latest ICU’s, Blood Bank, Laboratory, Day cares and 9 devoted clinics for blood disorder children.