The Garage School

Change Agent In Education

Our Change Story

A lady of undeniable strength and with a will to single handedly bring about change was the founder of “The Garage School.” In 1999, Shabina found that her maid’s daughter was being denied admission into a sewing school. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she started teaching the little girl herself and received an overwhelming response whereby all the children from the underprivileged area of Neelum Colony started turning to her in the hope of receiving education. What started as a small set up catering to 14 children in Shabina Mustafa’s Garage has now grown into an institution known as “The Garage School “now caters to 350 children through two branches which run in three shifts each. The schools not only look after the education of the children but pay attention to their nutrition and medical needs as well, thus providing them with the facilities that they deserve but may or may not be able to afford.

Change We Want to See

Apart from providing education to the kids, the school also strives to provide Adult Literacy Classes for adults and street children in the afternoon, Adult Literacy classes in home schools for older women, a Matriculation Youth Program for the young boys and girls who want to do Matric, vocational training, career counseling / job placement programs for the students as well as financial empowerment training. The latest venture is the Safi Teacher Training Centre whereby the institution aims to enhance the education its children receive by providing them with the best teachers possible. The Garage School aims to provide quality education to under privileged children so that they have access to all the opportunities they deserve.