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Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective action.

Who We Are

Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective action. Launched in the year 2012, I Am The Change (IATC) is the flagship initiative of Engro Foundation, intended to pay tribute to the local change agents who have worked tirelessly to improve access to education, health-care and livelihoods for Pakistan’s poorest of the poor. The initiative aims to collaborate with the corporate and the philanthropic sectors of the country and help individuals and institutions that are pioneering initiatives to improve lives across different spheres.

I Am The Change is one such story that believes that social change can only be achieved if empowered individuals focus their energies for the greater good. Through this initiative, we not only recognize that change is the need of the hour but also the fact that there are people in Pakistan who have dedicated their lives to the spirit of philanthropy and sustainable enterprises. These individuals have tried to address numerous problems that have affected Pakistan- poverty, hunger, health, sanitation, education, gender equality, economic growth, reduced inequality, peace and justice.

Our aim is to bring two main channels in the open; Social Development and Social Enterprise. It is our collective ambition to ensure that all girls and boys complete primary and secondary education; to promote sanitation and hygiene; to improve indicators such as infant mortality and maternal mortality; to empower people through capacity building and institutional development – these are at the heart of what we are trying to achieve through this initiative.

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I Am The Change
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Phone: +92-21-111-211-211

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