About Us

Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective action.

Who We Are

Launched in the year 2012, I Am The Change (IATC) is a flagship initiative of Engro, intended to pay tribute to local change agents who have worked tirelessly to improve access to education, health-care and livelihoods for Pakistan’s poorest of the poor. The initiative aims to collaborate with the corporate and the philanthropic sectors of the country and help individuals and institutions who are pioneering initiatives to improve lives across the spheres of Livelihoods, Education and Health.

At I Am The Change, it is our belief that lasting social change can be achieved only when empowered individuals with a will to do greater good, make a conscious effort to spring into collective action; and the very campaign is a testament of our resolve to recognize the inspiring efforts of passionate individuals who have joined forces in a relentless pursuit to shape a better tomorrow. Through this initiative, we endeavor to give due recognition to institutions and individuals who collectively display the spirit of philanthropy and economic stewardship in Pakistan, as they steer change in low income communities in dire need of our help and intervention.

If you have any queries, please contact us at:

I Am The Change
8th Floor, Harbor Front Building, Marine Drive, Clifton block 4, Karachi, Pakistan

Phone: +92-21-111-211-211

Email: corpcomms@engro.com